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Entering 9th Grade through Graduation

Half Mission Trip

During the majority of the day, students serve on various safe Ministry Sites being the hands and feet of Jesus. They do everything thing from playing with kids, serving the less fortunate, landscaping, painting and everything in between.

Half Camp Experience

In the mornings and in the evenings, students experience the camp side of Mission Camp. They particiapte in Family Groups, Worship, Devotionals and tons of fun activities. They spend afternoons at the river, play massive messy games and hangout with their friends.

Winslow, Arizona


Students will stay at First Baptist Church of Winslow and serve through various Ministry Sites throughout the City. First Baptist is pastored by Pastor Josh’s old Youth Pastor, Pastor Fred Harris. Students will need to pack sleeping bags, pillows and an air mattress (if they have one).


Includes housing, transportation, camp swag and programming.



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You don’t want to miss this year!


Sunday, June 10th through Friday, June 15th


6:00AM Check-In at Vanguard

On the Road Lunch

6:00PM  Arrive in Winslow

6:30PM  Dinner

8:30PM  Worship

9:15PM  Worship Reflection

11:59PM  Lights Out


7:30AM  Breakfast

8:30AM  Devotionals

9:00AM  Morning Worship

9:30AM  Family Groups

10:30AM  Ministry Sites

On Site  Lunch

4:00PM  Super Sweet Activity

6:00PM  Dinner

7:30PM  Worship

11:59PM  Lights Out


5:30AM  Breakfast

6:30AM  Load Up

7:00AM  Depart Winslow

On Road  Lunch

6:00PM  Arrive at Vanguard

Fequently Asked Questions

Answers to All the Questions You Might Have

What should my student pack?

Bible, Pen, Toiletries, Sleeping Bag And Pillow, Sunscreen, Bath Towel, Swimsuits (girls, no stomachs showing), Swiming Towel and Clothes (you don’t mind getting wet or dirty). Cell phones are collected once at camp.

DO NOT PACK – Electronics, Video Games, Drugs*, Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons (including pocket knives), Fireworks, Inappropriate Material. Your student can be sent home from camp at parent’s expense.

Where will my student be staying?
Students will be stay at First Baptist Church of Winslow and serving at various sites throughout the city. They will need to pack a sleeping bag, pillow and its recommended to have a sleeping pad or air mattress.
Any clothing instructions?

Yep! We want you to be comfortable at camp; it will be HOT so pack accordingly. Here are a few guidelines:

GIRLS: No two piece swimsuits, strapless shirts, spaghetti straps or short shorts. Clothing must not be too tight, too low or see through.

GUYS: No speedos or short shorts. Clothing must not be too tight, too low or see through and shirts must be worn at all times.

Does my student need spending money?

Yes. Students will need money for two meals. One on the way down and one on the way back. All other expenses for camp have been covered by your registration, but from time to time Family Groups do stop at Sonic, Coffee Shops and Convenient Stores during the week.

Can my student have their cell phone?

They can bring their cell phone if they would like to, but cell phones are collected once we arrive at camp and returned to students at the end of camp. At check-in you’ll be provided a number in case of emergency to get ahold of your student.

Cell phones are a distraction to the camp experience and it keeps students from fully engaging into what Jesus has for them this week. It has been a positive experience for students in years past.

How will my student be transported?

Students are transported by 15-passanger vans driven by trained and church-insured adult leaders. Most of the leaders making this trip have been with our ministry more than five years.

Are there any fundraisers for camp?

Yes! Students can participate and sell tickets to the Murder Mystery Dinner on April 20st at 6:00pm. It is a fantastic event where the attendees work together to figure out who did it. Students can serve as actors, servers or childcare workers. Students raise the most amount of money by selling tickets. They get half of all the tickets they sell. More information at Sign up by email us at [email protected].

What do I do if I have more questions?
Please contact the Student Office by emailing [email protected] with any additional questions, comments or concerns. The Student Staff will get back to you within 24 hours during regular business hours.